Bamboo Makes Waves in the Fashion World: Part 2

For designer Denise Shardlow, her relationship with bamboo began when she felt the fabric. “It was love at first touch” she wrote in a 2010 article in Grid Magazine, “The more I researched, the more excited I became about bamboo.” During her research, she found the fabric not only draped beautifully, it was also wicked away moisture and resisted wrinkles. Her findings and building excitement led her to design a number of stylish jackets, skirts, pants, tops, and tunics.

Bamboo clothing has taken off since the 2010 article. You can find tabloid pages filled with celebrities sporting the eco-friendly style and may catch the clothing on your favorite character on TV. Even luxury brands and designers like Gucci and Stella McCartney have caught on. And the trend isn’t just growing in the fashion world. It’s also growing in the interior design of eco-friendly and trendy homes as well.

Named one of HGTV’s “8 Flooring Trends to Try,” bamboo is just as durable hard as most hardwood floors. The strong material is also eco-friendly and, like bamboo clothing, stylish new balance shoes clearance. It provides a sleek, natural floor that can be made into a number of colors.


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Bamboo Rugs for the Kitchen

Between cooking disasters, drink spills, and heavy foot traffic, the kitchen floor can take a beating. And without the proper protection, your hardwood or linoleum floors can experience water damage, stains, and scratches. Unfortunately, many options provide style while skimping on durability – or vise versa. However, bamboo rugs for the kitchen provide a sustainable option that lasts without sparing sophistication and style.

Made from sustainably harvested bamboo that is known for high durability, these bamboo kitchen mats are water resistant thanks to a protective high-gloss polyurethane finish. Not only are the rugs resilient, they are also easy to clean. Should something spill on its smooth texture, it only takes a clean cloth and gentle floor cleaner to get it back to looking new.

The tan color works well with dark or light flooring and the intricate inlay design adds texture to a row of light toned pieces running down the middle new balance boots. The bamboo rugs also include a rubber backing to keep the mat from moving or slipping out from below your footing.

Bamboo Kitchen Mat

Bamboo Kitchen Mat

Bamboo Kitchen Mat

Bamboo Kitchen Mat

Shop more bamboo rugs at

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Which Bamboo Rug Color Fits Your Home?

Below are 6 of our favorite bamboo rugs. Each style and color has it’s own unique look. Choose multiple colors to spice up different rooms in your home or just go with one color in multiple rooms to help bring your home decorating together into one theme.

6 Rugs

To learn more about these bamboo mats, check out our bamboo rugs category or if you’re interested in browsing our full selection of mats and rugs, go to our natural rug site.

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How to Clean Bamboo Rugs

Brown and Blonde Slate Bamboo Rug

Not only is bamboo a great material for rugs because of it’s sustainability, it is also easy to clean. Available in a variety of sizes and colors from companies such as Natural Rug Co, bamboo rugs are great for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

Bamboo rugs can also be used outdoors in covered areas. Whether outdoors or by a window, if in direct sunlight be sure to rotate it to prevent fading.

For regular cleaning, a damp cloth or mop works great new balance kids sneakers. Water with a mild soap should remove any stains on the rug or border.

With a vacuum, a suction attachment is preferable as a beater brush may scratch the rug surface.

If your bamboo rug is under furniture, a plastic or felt caster is recommended to prevent cracking or scratching.

Interested in learning more? Visit Natural Rug Co’s learning center.

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What’s New at Our Sister Site Natural Rug Co

If you’ve visited our sister site lately you’ve noticed that Natural Rug Co has added some new rugs products and we’re excited to tell you about them! Now, your first question might be: you added jute, paper shag, seagrass, silky shag and sisal rugs, those aren’t bamboo right? Correct! The new rugs we added are not bamboo but are equally as sustainable and eco-friendly. We thought it would be best to provide more variety for our customers seeking rugs for differing purposes.

So what is jute, paper shag, seagrass, silky shag and sisal? Well, that’s what this post is all about – here’s the explanation you’re looking for:

Jute is a hardy and naturally anti-static fiber which is spun into threads and comes from vegetables. You’ve most likely seen this fiber before as it is commonly used to make burlap. It’s extremely affordable – second only to cotton.  Our jute rugs come from farms in India and Bangladesh.

Perfect Diamond Jute Rug ($207.90 - on sale!)

Perfect Diamond Jute Rug ($207.90 – on sale!)

Our Paper Shag rugs are unbelievably soft and add a modern twist to any space. Even better though, these rugs are extremely sustainable as they are made from recycled paper.

Creme Paper Shag rug ($150.50 - on sale!)

Creme Paper Shag rug ($150.50 – on sale!)

Seagrass is essentially what the name implies – a grass that grows in the sea. It is harvest for it’s flat fibers and natural coloring. Our seagrass rugs are never dyed­ — only the same colors as those found on the sea floor are acceptable for our rugs.

Saddleback Seagrass Rug ($81.20 - on sale!)

Saddleback Seagrass Rug ($81.20 – on sale!)

Our silky shag rugs feel like a spa treatment for your feet just when you walk on them. These rugs get their silky texture from the eco-friendly blended yarn consisting of 50% rayon made from bamboo and 50% cotton nike air max trainers cheap. Our rugs also come in four colors: crimson, coffee bean, beige and ivory.

Crimson Silky Shag Rug ($150.50 - on sale!)

Crimson Silky Shag Rug ($150.50 – on sale!)

Sisal is similar to jute in that it is a hardy, moisture resistant fiber. It comes from an agave plant that is generally grown in a hot, dry climate. Our sisal rugs come from Southern China.

Kingfisher Sisal Rug ($92.40 - on sale!)

Kingfisher Sisal Rug ($92.40 – on sale!)

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The Bathroom and Bamboo

Hot moist conditions and fabric do not work. Yet everyday many Americans put clothe bath rugs in their bathroom. Instead, why not try out a bamboo rug, as an alternative. These guys are great for moist areas, as bamboo is traditionally used in some of the most humid climates on the planet. Plus, they are easy to clean, slip resistant, and they are far more unique and warm than a traditional shower rug.

Go for a calming spa effect, by placing a bamboo rug as a shower mat. Add in other natural elements like soft black stones, moss, and other wood features. Keep the rest of the decor white and simple. The space will feel clean, yet  still natural and warm jordans cheap real. It will be easy to keep clean, but won’t have that a cold sterile feel!

Key Lime Rug

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Bamboo Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Everybody wants a warm rug to welcome their guests as they walk into the front door, or a cozy rug for underneath your feet while cleaning last night’s dishes- but many of us go rug free in these areas; or choose something  cheaper and less attractive in fear that it will have to be replaced by the year’s end.

We suggest instead, that you give a bamboo rug a chance. These beautifully crafted rugs are SO DURABLE and you do not have to sacrifice style or quality. Bamboo is used for buildings and even weapons in other parts of the globe. They can definitely handle anything your toddler throws at them or your teenager mucks in from outside. Plus, they come in a lot of varieties and lengths real cheap jordans. There is a bamboo rug perfect for a grand entryway (7×10).


….and a 2X3 bamboo rug for the punch of color you want on the mudroom floor.


Never, use a traditional fabric rug again for your high traffic areas. Instead, make an investment into a bamboo rug that will last for years.

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Bamboo Rugs for Man’s Best Friend

Let your dog rest in comfort and style with one of our sustainable, beautiful bamboo rugs. Coming from the Anji Mountain, our bamboo is the finest and most plentiful bamboo in the world. Bamboo is a very soft fiber that your pet is sure to love. And as the owner, you’ll be happy to know that bamboo is durable, naturally stain resistant, and easy to clean!

You can also use the rugs as mats to for their food and water bowls cheap jordan sneakers online. Bamboo rugs with wider slats are ideal spots for this purpose, as they’re more water resistant.

And the rugs come in a variety of sizes to fit any pup! Try this 2′ x 3′ Chocolate Bamboo Rug for a smaller dog or this funky 6′ x 9′ Key Lime Green Bamboo Rug for a larger pet. Browse the rest of our eco-friendly rugs to find the perfect color and size for your pet.

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Bamboo Makes Waves in Fashion World

Eco-conscious fashion designer Linda Loudermilk uses a somewhat unconventional fiber in her eco-friendly collections: bamboo. Luxuriously soft and smooth, bamboo makes an ideal fiber for flowing, natural looks.

It’s also less expensive than silk, cashmere and other luxury fibers. Growing bamboo is a very sustainable process, and bamboo is more eco-friendly than other fibers. Other designers are similarly turning to bamboo to infuse their collections with an organic, singular look. Designer Kate O’Connor has called bamboo “the perfect summer fabric.”

Designers and artists transform bamboo into a fiber by crushing the woody parts of the plant and using natural enzymes to break down the bamboo walls new balance 920. The natural fibers are then combed out and spun into yarn that can be made into the fabric commonly referred to as bamboo linen.

You might not be able to wear it, but this chic and funky Red Bamboo Rug is a great way to participate in the growing bamboo trend, and it’s certain to spice up any part of your home. Just like the fashion collections that showcase the radiance and simplicity of bamboo linen, this bamboo rug is stylish and sustainable!

The bamboo is durable and easy to clean. So you can bring a high-fashion vibe to your bathroom, kitchen — even your deck or patio!

Visit Natural Rug Co for more information on bamboo rugs.

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5 Reasons to Love Bamboo Rugs

If for some reason you doubt the magical power of a bamboo rug, here are five solid and concise reasons to purchase one of our handcrafted, natural rugs for your home today!

1. They look great!If you’re looking to completely redesign your home or even if you just want to spruce up a room, aesthetics are important. Our bamboo rugs comes in a variety of colors and styles that are sure to inspire a new look or top off an existing theme. Check out this exquisite and unique Black Bamboo Rug. No matter which style you pick, our bamboo rugs are sure to give your home a natural and exotic aesthetic that cannot be mimicked by synthetic materials.
2. They’re eco-friendly!

Decorating your office or home with bamboo rugs is an eco-conscious action. The bamboo is the finest and most plentiful bamboo in the world, coming from the Anji Mountain. Using bamboo eliminates the need to cut down trees, and it can often replenish without even being replanted, making bamboo a highly sustainable natural solution.

3. They’re easy to clean!

Maybe you’re the kind of person who tends to make a mess (unintentionally, of course!). Or maybe you have kids who can’t quite keep their juice in their cups and food on their plates air max shoes for men. No worries! Bamboo rugs are extremely easy to clean and maintain, because bamboo is naturally stain resistant. Wipe away even the messiest of spills with ease! Consider this Chocolate Bamboo Rug for your kitchen and you won’t have to worry about splashes and spills.

4. They feel good!

When you first wake up in the morning, the last thing you want to do is step onto a cold, hard surface air max run lite. And you don’t need to purchase expensive fibers like sheep’s wool to enjoy a luxurious, soft feel under your feet. Bamboo fibers are very soft and smooth — the perfect plush addition for your bedroom!

5. They last!

Not only are they made from a highly renewable resource, but well-maintained bamboo rugs can last for years. They are built to withstand plenty of pressure and traction, making them perfect for entryways and hallways. You can even enjoy our bamboo rugs outdoors! Consider this fun Key Lime Green Bamboo Rug for your next picnic.

Convinced? Well then, what are you waiting for? Purchase one of our bamboo rugs today!

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