Bamboo Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Everybody wants a warm rug to welcome their guests as they walk into the front door, or a cozy rug for underneath your feet while cleaning last night’s dishes- but many of us go rug free in these areas; or choose something  cheaper and less attractive in fear that it will have to be replaced by the year’s end.

We suggest instead, that you give a bamboo rug a chance. These beautifully crafted rugs are SO DURABLE and you do not have to sacrifice style or quality. Bamboo is used for buildings and even weapons in other parts of the globe. They can definitely handle anything your toddler throws at them or your teenager mucks in from outside. Plus, they come in a lot of varieties and lengths real cheap jordans. There is a bamboo rug perfect for a grand entryway (7×10).


….and a 2X3 bamboo rug for the punch of color you want on the mudroom floor.


Never, use a traditional fabric rug again for your high traffic areas. Instead, make an investment into a bamboo rug that will last for years.

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