Decorating for Spring with Bamboo

Maybe you’ve been spending too much time inside your apartment, house, condo, or penthouse suite these past few chilly months.  Aren’t you getting a little tired of looking around at the same surroundings?  Now that winter is coming to a close and spring is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to revamp your space — open the windows, rearrange the furniture, fill a vase with flowers.  Isn’t it lovely outside?  If you’d like to add an extra dose of that natural beauty to your space, let us suggest a bamboo rug!

Key Lime Bamboo Rug

Bamboo is particularly suited to springtime because of its water-resistant nature that comes from having grown up in the moist Anji mountain region of China.  It’s a great option for kitchens and bathrooms — just dab with a cloth in case of spills.

Bold color is popular this season — especially contrasting with neutrals.  Add a bright crimson or key lime -hued bamboo rug to your living room for instant spring cheer!  Or if your space is already saturated with color, go for a natural or tortoiseshell-patterned rug instead discount air max 1.  Light tones lend a feeling of roominess to a space, while the smooth and environmentally-friendly texture of bamboo adds a tranquil touch.

Natural Rug

Larger rugs work well placed in seating areas under a coffee or dining-room table, but they’re also good for kids’ rooms, adding a perfect surface for play!  A smaller rug is great for entryways, or for placement below a sink or small table.

Learn more about bamboo rugs at Natural Rug Co.

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  1. narine/ kamanie says:

    hi iam interested in buying a piece of bamboo area rug to fit under my bed my bed is a king size bed.please contact me with pricing or e-mail me thks.

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