Decorating with Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs are as versatile in style as they are in utility.  Whether you’re looking for a light natural tone, deep, warming ones, or something that will pop — like crimson — there’s a rug out there to suit your needs.  Lightweight and easy to clean, bamboo rugs can be used anywhere a traditional cotton or wool rug might be used, providing a nice visual change of pace.

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Tan bamboo rugs contrast elegantly with darker elements in a room, such as a slate floor or furniture in deep, cool tones.

bamboo rugs

Otherwise neutral decor (or spaces with subtle color accents) will come to life with a pop of vivid color — with warm tones, go for a rich red.

bamboo rugs

Dark bamboo rugs look great as a textural contrast against lighter wood floors or carpeting.  Placed under a dining room table, a larger rug can help designate a space for a certain function, or create boundaries in an otherwise open, free form layout.

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