How Bamboo Rugs Are Made

Natural Rug Co’s bamboo rugs are made from a variety of bamboo called Moso, which is grown in China’s mountainous Anji region.  While bamboo is generally known for its speedy growth rate, Moso regenerates particularly fast, reaching full maturity in just six years.

Local Chinese workers craft the rugs from start to finish, helping fuel the local economy and providing job opportunities that promote active lifestyles.  For the latter reason, less than 1% of the Anji Mountain people suffer from major health problems such as heart disease or diabetes.

Workers use sharp blades to slice at the base of each mature stalk until it falls, carting the bamboo afterward to a nearby facility to be made into rugs. Next, each hollow stalk is passed through a machine that slices it lengthwise — like an oversized apple slicer — to create long strips cheap nike air max mens.  These pieces are sanded down further and then steamed to make them more pliable and easier to manipulate.  Another machine sews the strips together to make a long, smooth roll of bamboo as workers manually feed it individual pieces.

During these processes, piles of sawdust accumulate around the machinery.  In true reduce, reuse, recycle fashion, workers take care not to waste, reusing the sawdust as fuel for the steaming machine.

After cutting the flat roll of bamboo into shapes of rugs, workers attach a backing to each one to prevent slipping and sew by hand a decorative border in durable nylon.  The finished products are quickly rolled up and packed for safe shipment to their new homes!

Rugs are available in a variety of sizes and colors — from natural browns and tans to vivid crimson and rich black — to fit with any decor.  Learn more about bamboo rugs at Natural Rug Co.

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