Other Ways to Use a Bamboo Rug

Bamboo rugs are a wonderful way to add organic elegance to your living room, office, bedroom, kitchen, pool house, or tree fort. They’re easy to clean, and come in a variety of shades — chocolate, ebony, grassy green, and bright crimson, among others — to fit any decorating scheme.

But these rugs needn’t live within the confines of four walls and a ceiling! Because Anji Mountain moso bamboo is so durable, you can use these rugs in other places, too.

You can roll up your bamboo rug and take it to the beach! Think how lovely it would feel to lie in the sun on a bed of cool bamboo. And the more the merrier, right? Larger rugs can fit a few beach bodies across – perfect for drying off after a swim, or for doing some reading under warm rays.

Go picnicking with your bamboo rug! Just roll it up and pick a flat spot of grass to set up camp cheap nike air max sneakers. Invite your friends for a potluck and or bring a smaller rug (and some wine) along for an intimate date. Just remember to give your rug a gentle scrub with some warm, soapy water after your adventures to keep it looking fine.

Take your bamboo rug swimming! No, just kidding. Bamboo rugs are not seaworthy vessels. Although they would make a lovely addition to a seaworthy vessel.

Do you have a wooden deck? Is it splintery? Pick out a larger bamboo rug and stick it under your patio seating area for barefoot lounging on a summer evening without risk of foot injury. Just remember to bring it inside after you’re done — although curious about the outside world, a bamboo rug is more of an indoor cat at heart.

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