Top Five Bamboo Rugs

For all of those interested in the idea of sprucing up their home with a bamboo rug, but aren’t sure where to start, we present to you this handy list. Behold: our top five favorite bamboo rugs.

1. Natural Bamboo Rug, 4×6

Our most basic and adaptable style, natural bamboo rugs are flexible enough to fit into any home or office. So if you’re looking to add an organic touch to your space, a mid-sized 4×6 natural bamboo rug is sure to be a great addition to the foyer or living room.

2. Red Bamboo Rug, 2×3

Does your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or entryway look a little drab? It could probably use a little pop of color, right? We have the perfect solution: a cheerfully hued bamboo rug sized perfectly for your feet as you fix your hair, clean the dishes, or toss in another load of clothes.

3. Walnut Brown Bamboo Rug, 2.5×8

A bamboo rug in a rich, warm hue will make your hallways feel cozy and inviting cheap and authentic jordans. This shade contrasts well with white or tan carpeting in particular.

4. Brown and Blonde Slat Bamboo Rug, 5×8

Add interest to a boring stretch of floor space with our Premier rug, which features a contemporary pattern of clean lines within a neat border. Place it under your coffee table to neatly tie together a sitting area.

5. Red and Black Charcoal Bamboo Rug, 4×6

An eco-friendly cocoa-toned bamboo rug will sweeten up your kitchen or dining room decor in an instant.

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Why Bamboo Rugs Are Good for You

You already know that bamboo rugs are an organic, beautiful, and life-altering addition to your home. But have you ever asked yourself why you feel an irresistible compulsion to purchase one or more bamboo rugs for your living space(s)? Sure, bamboo is a sleek and modern alternative to stuffy and traditional wool or cotton rugs, but their appeal extends further than that. Bamboo doesn’t just look good. It is good — for you and the other carbon life-forms with which you co-habitate!

It’s pretty simple rationale. As a natural material free of chemical treatments, bamboo doesn’t contain any VOCs — volatile organic compounds. “Volatile” in this sense just means “easily evaporated at normal temperatures.” So particles of some solids and liquids — including substances commonly used in the making of home furnishings — are prone to evaporating into the air around you, where you are likely to breathe them in nike air max running shoes. The problem is, while these compounds might be pretty harmless to humans in their solid form, we’re not exactly supposed to ingest them.

Examples of VOCs include cleaning supplies, paints and paint strippers, glues, and permanent markers. You can probably recall the distinct chemical aroma of each of these things. We’ve all sniffed a marker once and again, or painted a room. We know we’re not supposed to inhale too deeply or for too long, and, according to the US EPA, that’s because VOCs are capable of wreaking quite a bit of havoc, including “eye, nose, and throat irritation; headaches, loss of coordination, nausea; damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous system.”

Light Brown Bamboo Rug

Light Brown Bamboo Rug from Natural Rug Co

The article goes on to state that, at present, “not much is known about what health effects occur from the levels of organics usually found in homes.” Effects on the human body depend on an array of variables, including the length of time exposed and the particular compound in question cheap new balance shoes 574. But, hey, why risk subjecting yourself, your roommate, your pets, and/or your family to potentially dangerous chemicals when there’s a safe and perfectly natural alternative?

Ready to start shopping for an eco-friendly bamboo rug of your very own? Visit Natural Rug Co. 


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Other Ways to Use a Bamboo Rug

Bamboo rugs are a wonderful way to add organic elegance to your living room, office, bedroom, kitchen, pool house, or tree fort. They’re easy to clean, and come in a variety of shades — chocolate, ebony, grassy green, and bright crimson, among others — to fit any decorating scheme.

But these rugs needn’t live within the confines of four walls and a ceiling! Because Anji Mountain moso bamboo is so durable, you can use these rugs in other places, too.

You can roll up your bamboo rug and take it to the beach! Think how lovely it would feel to lie in the sun on a bed of cool bamboo. And the more the merrier, right? Larger rugs can fit a few beach bodies across – perfect for drying off after a swim, or for doing some reading under warm rays.

Go picnicking with your bamboo rug! Just roll it up and pick a flat spot of grass to set up camp cheap nike air max sneakers. Invite your friends for a potluck and or bring a smaller rug (and some wine) along for an intimate date. Just remember to give your rug a gentle scrub with some warm, soapy water after your adventures to keep it looking fine.

Take your bamboo rug swimming! No, just kidding. Bamboo rugs are not seaworthy vessels. Although they would make a lovely addition to a seaworthy vessel.

Do you have a wooden deck? Is it splintery? Pick out a larger bamboo rug and stick it under your patio seating area for barefoot lounging on a summer evening without risk of foot injury. Just remember to bring it inside after you’re done — although curious about the outside world, a bamboo rug is more of an indoor cat at heart.

Go shopping for bamboo rugs at Natural Rug Co!

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Bamboo: Good for the Environment, Good for You!

If you’re looking to spruce up an area of your home or office with a touch of natural style, bamboo rugs are a great, eco-conscious solution.  That’s because it’s is a renewable resource that you can feel good about adding to your decor.

Bamboo is grown in the Anji mountain region of China — its native environment — and stalks that have reached full maturity after five to six years are harvested by local residents.  Five to six years is a much quicker timeframe than other comparable materials, like hardwood trees, so not only are the Anji mountain people able to maintain a constant supply of this woody grass, but there is less disruption to the natural environment than when, say, a rainforest is leveled.

It’s also worth noting that bamboo rugs are made from start to finish on the Anji mountain.  The wood is cut down by skilled local laborers using sickle-like instruments, and then hauled a short distance away to a processing facility, where it is cut, sanded, and sewn into beautiful and useful pieces air max outlet.  In contrast, other production processes might involve a slew of different materials shipped in from different parts of the world to one manufacturing facility, wasting natural fuel resources in their transport.

Furthermore, you can be sure that bamboo rugs contain no hazardous chemical additives like some other items of household decor.  Many stain- and water-resistant finishes in furniture and some rugs, for example, contain volatile organic compounds — carbon compounds that can become gaseous at room temperatures, making it possible for humans and pets to breathe them in. VOCs can contain formaldehyde — a known human carcinogen — acetaldehyde, isocyanates, and benzene. All of these compounds have been known to cause adverse health effects.

Buying natural products for your home is good for you and the environment!  Learn more about bamboo rugs at Natural Rug Co.

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Decorating for Spring with Bamboo

Maybe you’ve been spending too much time inside your apartment, house, condo, or penthouse suite these past few chilly months.  Aren’t you getting a little tired of looking around at the same surroundings?  Now that winter is coming to a close and spring is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to revamp your space — open the windows, rearrange the furniture, fill a vase with flowers.  Isn’t it lovely outside?  If you’d like to add an extra dose of that natural beauty to your space, let us suggest a bamboo rug!

Key Lime Bamboo Rug

Bamboo is particularly suited to springtime because of its water-resistant nature that comes from having grown up in the moist Anji mountain region of China.  It’s a great option for kitchens and bathrooms — just dab with a cloth in case of spills.

Bold color is popular this season — especially contrasting with neutrals.  Add a bright crimson or key lime -hued bamboo rug to your living room for instant spring cheer!  Or if your space is already saturated with color, go for a natural or tortoiseshell-patterned rug instead discount air max 1.  Light tones lend a feeling of roominess to a space, while the smooth and environmentally-friendly texture of bamboo adds a tranquil touch.

Natural Rug

Larger rugs work well placed in seating areas under a coffee or dining-room table, but they’re also good for kids’ rooms, adding a perfect surface for play!  A smaller rug is great for entryways, or for placement below a sink or small table.

Learn more about bamboo rugs at Natural Rug Co.

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How Bamboo Rugs Are Made

Natural Rug Co’s bamboo rugs are made from a variety of bamboo called Moso, which is grown in China’s mountainous Anji region.  While bamboo is generally known for its speedy growth rate, Moso regenerates particularly fast, reaching full maturity in just six years.

Local Chinese workers craft the rugs from start to finish, helping fuel the local economy and providing job opportunities that promote active lifestyles.  For the latter reason, less than 1% of the Anji Mountain people suffer from major health problems such as heart disease or diabetes.

Workers use sharp blades to slice at the base of each mature stalk until it falls, carting the bamboo afterward to a nearby facility to be made into rugs. Next, each hollow stalk is passed through a machine that slices it lengthwise — like an oversized apple slicer — to create long strips cheap nike air max mens.  These pieces are sanded down further and then steamed to make them more pliable and easier to manipulate.  Another machine sews the strips together to make a long, smooth roll of bamboo as workers manually feed it individual pieces.

During these processes, piles of sawdust accumulate around the machinery.  In true reduce, reuse, recycle fashion, workers take care not to waste, reusing the sawdust as fuel for the steaming machine.

After cutting the flat roll of bamboo into shapes of rugs, workers attach a backing to each one to prevent slipping and sew by hand a decorative border in durable nylon.  The finished products are quickly rolled up and packed for safe shipment to their new homes!

Rugs are available in a variety of sizes and colors — from natural browns and tans to vivid crimson and rich black — to fit with any decor.  Learn more about bamboo rugs at Natural Rug Co.

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Why is bamboo sustainable?

Considered a “woody grass,” not a tree, bamboo can be used in the production of furniture, décor, kitchenware — even clothing and food — with sustainability in mind.

To understand the process of harvesting this versatile material, think about mowing a lawn.  You can cut it down fairly short, wait a week or two, and find that it has already grown back to its original height.  Bamboo grows in a similar way — except, instead of blades, the vertical shoots (the parts that resemble tree trunks) are called culms.  When the culms are harvested, the plant’s system of roots remains underground, ready to regenerate by sending up new shoots.  These can be harvested as well, allowing the cycle to repeat — unlike hardwood trees, which die, of course, when cut down.

By properly maintaining a bamboo forest and removing stalks at full maturity (and decaying ones as needed) the overall productivity of that bamboo is increased, allowing it to generate more stalks than the plants would in the wild and thereby promoting new, healthy growth.  Individual culms reach maturity in about five years — signified in part by the appearance of leaves and branches at the top.  When harvested at this point, the finished bamboo lumber is maximally durable.

This production cycle contrasts with that of traditional hardwood lumber.  Trees such as oak and cedar can take ten to forty years to mature, and some companies that harvest these types of wood do not replant after depleting a forest’s resources — they “clear cut” the forest new balance 996.  Clearcutting has a devastating impact on the local environment because native species of birds, reptiles, and mammals are left with a large part of their habitat destroyed.  The sudden removal of trees en masse can also lead to warmer river temperatures, which is harmful to fish populations.

It isn’t too difficult to find sustainable lumber that has been certified by the non-profit Forest Stewardship Council, but bamboo holds another advantage over traditional wood in its special ability to reduce carbon emissions.  Because it grows at such a fast pace, bamboo consumes a substantially greater amount of carbon dioxide than an equal-sized grouping of trees — 62 tons of carbon dioxide in one hectare over one year compared to 15 tons.  It also produces up to 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees.

Lastly, while it’s a known staple of the Great Panda’s diet, no panda will go hungry for want of the Moso bamboo used in our products — the Anji mountain region is not their home!

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Decorating with Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs are as versatile in style as they are in utility.  Whether you’re looking for a light natural tone, deep, warming ones, or something that will pop — like crimson — there’s a rug out there to suit your needs.  Lightweight and easy to clean, bamboo rugs can be used anywhere a traditional cotton or wool rug might be used, providing a nice visual change of pace.

If you’re not sure what style might be right for your home cheap jordans for kids online, let us help inspire you!

Tan bamboo rugs contrast elegantly with darker elements in a room, such as a slate floor or furniture in deep, cool tones.

bamboo rugs

Otherwise neutral decor (or spaces with subtle color accents) will come to life with a pop of vivid color — with warm tones, go for a rich red.

bamboo rugs

Dark bamboo rugs look great as a textural contrast against lighter wood floors or carpeting.  Placed under a dining room table, a larger rug can help designate a space for a certain function, or create boundaries in an otherwise open, free form layout.

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Bamboo Rugs: Decorating Tips

Bamboo Rugs are the perfect accessory to any home. The beauty of bamboo rugs is that they are versatile, easy to incorporate into your house, and come in a variety of colors. Many families overlook the color of an item when purchasing it. However different colors can effect your mood, the atmosphere in your home and even your state of mind.

The Chinese have known this for a long time and have developed a system called Feng Shui. Feng Shui focuses on many aspects of aesthetics, one of which is color. Whenever purchasing an item a person should think about different colors and how they effect us.  Since bamboo rugs come in various colors, this will help you decide which rug to purchase.

Red colors bring passion, energy, and excitement. A rug of this color will make people stop and look jordan cheap shoes online. It is suited in rooms in which you entertain guests. However small touches of red in every room can bring the right amount of energy.

Green colors represent the  growth, inspiration and change. Use a green bamboo rug in your office in order to be more inspired in your work or to help you focus on a specific task.

Black will help you be more independent and bring mystery and intrigue into any room. This color is also associated with power so it will be great in a work space.

Brown colors represents safety, stability. It is  a good colors to have throughout your home. Also anything made of wood also brings these elements.  You want to include these colors in rooms where you spend a lot of time with family and friends, such as kitchens and living rooms.

Colors are important thing to remember when purchasing your bamboo rug. They will influence your life in many ways.  So next time you purchase a bamboo rug think about what you want in your life and choose accordingly.


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How to Choose the Right Bamboo Rug

It is difficult to know where to start when trying to pick out a bamboo rug. There are many options now so choosing the one that suits your personality and home decor could be confusing. Here are a few tips to make your decision a little easier.

There are different colors and styles of bamboo rugs. Some colors are vibrant and stand out, while others are more subdued and fade into the background. Bamboo rugs also come in circle or rectangular forms and in various textures.

If you are a person who loves to be noticed, and has a very outgoing personality then rugs in red, deep chocolate brown,  and green colors will work well in your home nike air max goadome. For a modern feel try a rectangular rug in a smooth texture.

Red Bamboo Rug Green Bamboo Rug

If your taste for home decor is more simple, then try a rug in a brown, beige or a textured green color. If your home decor is more country than modern, a circular rug will look wonderful.

With these tips in mind, go out and find a bamboo rug that best suits you!

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